We specialize in resolving a wide range of human resource challenges, ensuring efficient and effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

Strategic Human Resource Planning

We help you to develop a comprehensive human resource management plan which is aligned to your organization’s strategic goals. This provides clarity about your current position versus the actions that are required for growth and organizational efficiency. Our solutions include:
  • Talent gap analyses and needs assessments
  • Development of organizational structures
  • Set-up of human resource departments
  • Human Resource Management audits
  • Design and implementation of strategies for succession management
  • Documentation of standard operating procedures and employee handbooks

Recruitment Management

We use our Recruitment Management Tool - TalentScope to provide you with the best talent to meet your resource needs. We adopt a holistic and comprehensive approach to recruitment and provide contingent and permanent staffing solutions. Our solutions include:
  • Employee sourcing and selection
  • Design of job descriptions
  • Competency based interviews
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Pre-employment reference checks
  • Job Board (vacancy postings, candidate database) Click Here

Talent Management

We help you effectively manage your talent to sustain high levels of employee engagement and retention. Our solutions include:
  • Development and delivery of various tailored training programs
  • “A Guide to Managing People” workshops for people managers
  • Management coaching on various employment related issues
  • Design of performance management processes and related tools
  • Design and implementation of restructuring programs
  • Job evaluation programs and market surveys
  • Development of compensation and benefits programs
  • Succession planning and career development strategies

Employee Relations Solutions

We help you effectively manage the relationship with your employees to maximize the potential of your workforce. Our solutions include:
  • Design of employee relations programs
  • Design and facilitation of employee opinion surveys
  • Investigation of employee complaints
  • Facilitation of staff retreats and team building events
  • Chairing of natural justice hearings
  • Advice on discipline and grievance related matters

Human Resource Administration

We manage the administration, so you have more time to focus on revenue generation. Our solutions are end-to-end, seamless and include:
  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Offer, Job, Discipline and other employment related letters
  • Employment contracts
  • Leave management
  • Design of HR related forms and templates

Human Resource Consultancy

We provide consultancy on various human resource management strategies and activities. Call us to see how we can support your business and help you achieve your strategic goals.

Our Founder

Ms. Goretti J. Paul is not your average human resource management professional -she is a powerhouse of passion, influence and innovation. With years of experience under her belt, she has become a true leader who empowers those around her and coaches them towards success. As the founder and Managing Director of HRWise, the first full-service human resource management company in Saint Lucia, Goretti's dedication to launching programs that foster high-performance and develop future leaders shines bright.

Her impressive resume includes serving as Vice President HR Saint Lucia, and Head of HR for the Southern Caribbean region at a leading regional telecommunications company; Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Employer’s Federation – the country’s sole trade union of employers; Committee Member of the National Mediation Committee for Saint Lucia - part of the overall Civil Justice Reform Program in each Member State and Territory comprising the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court; and Vice Chairperson of the Saint Lucia National Accreditation Council – the body responsible for determining conditions and setting standards for accreditation for tertiary institutions and programs of study offered in Saint Lucia, to name a few.

Her contributions to the field of HR have been instrumental. From playing an active role in the design and roll-out of a regional HR Shared Service Model; to designing multiple effective HR policies across various industries; to successfully executing numerous organizational restructuring projects while maintaining an amicable industrial relations climate; to improving the competencies of numerous business leaders in effective people management; to implementing innovative programs that have influenced a mindset shift for many, as it relates to human resource management and its impact on business success, among other meaningful contributions.

Goretti is a strategic and innovative HR professional who knows how to turn business vision into tangible results. Her initiatives at HRWise have improved performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement for countless companies. Beyond that, she is focused on influencing positive change in the perception and value of Human Resource Management as a whole.

Through HRWise's HR forums and other key initiatives aimed at educating the public on topics related to HR and people management, Goretti proves that she is not just any ordinary leader - she is truly exceptional. From her passion for what she does to her creative approach towards making an impact in the world of Human Resource Management, Ms. Goretti J. Paul is someone you definitely want on your team.